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This sounds like a mocking of TWOK rather than a homage to it.
I feel like they were intending to do a homage, but it kind of came off as a bit shallow and a bit of a cheap re-enactment?
I'm watching WoK right now, and Into Darkness just can't compare imo, so maybe I'm biased... but they literally quoted it several times, even beyond the ridiculously obvious "KHAAAAAAN" lol. (also the scene where Kirk is dying and they put their hands up on the glass, he doesn't say 'because I'd miss you' like StarMan mentioned, they actually say 'because I'm your friend' - obviously recalling back to WoK. and I mean, it's a nice scene between nuKirk and nuSpock and everything, but it just doesn't have the same meaning in this new universe), and idk - like I said in a previous post, to me it just doesn't work without those years of the crew being a family and building up a history.

I don't know, I mean I feel so strange about my own opinions to this movie - I definitely need to see it again I think... There are several things that really disappointed me as a fan of the show (whitewashing, recreating iconic scenes without the same meaning, making Chapel into a cheap fling, WHITEWASHING, taking away the history behind the Kirk/Spock Wrath of Khan scene), but still, I enjoyed it? I don't want to sound like I hated it... I just have sad feelings as someone that has looked forward to this for years, and has loved trek for my whole life :/ But it's good! and fun! honestly

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