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just out of curiosity how long did it take for the enterprise to be repaired after it go it's fanny whooped by the vengeance?
After the dust settled we cut to Kirk addressing an audience gathered for the rechristening of The Enterprise.

Anyway, one or two musings in no particular order (SPOILERS!):



Ok, so if you're reading these spoilers, there's a good chance you know Kirk 'dies' when he sacrifices himself to fix the power grid of the ship. It was just too much. The sequence really pulled me out of the movie with it's self-referential nature and the lines lifted from TWOK. Kirk and Spock had a bit of back and forth, before it concluded with (or to the effect of):

Kirk: "I saved you because I'd miss you." (referring to Spock's close call with a Volcano).

*Kirk dies*

and then this ... I was gobsmacked...

*Spock looks upsets... then a wave of fury hits him...*


*cut to shot of The Vengeance careening past the now stable Enterprise towards San Francisco.*

I just saw the movie tonight, and I do have a lot of thoughts which I'm way too tired to post here mostly, but the one thing that I'm left with is EXACTLY what you just said StarMan- that whole last section, it just pulled me right out of the movie with all its WoK references/quotes/re-enacting. I get they were trying to pay homage, I guess, but at some point my brain just went 'ENOUGH I GET IT' and the 'KHAAAAAAAAN' really sealed it. And I came home and I've started rewatching the actual Wrath of Khan and I just... I feel like if they were going to basically remake such a brilliant movie there should have been much more depth, and meaning to it?

But overall, I liked the acting (particularly Benedict's, although yes I'm one of those people incredibly, incredibly disappointed that they whitewashed Khan, sigh). I didn't mind the plot but it was so choppy and there was so much there relying on character relationships that at this point just wouldn't be as deep as they are? or at least we haven't seen why they would be? WoK worked because it had the years of the series, plus a movie, plus the implied decades spent together with these people... overall, even though I liked the movie and think I probably just could never dislike anything 'Star Trek' at this point, it felt like a shallow re-do of Wrath of Khan D: which makes me sad and honestly I really do expect better of Star Trek than whitewashing, no matter how much I love Benedict Cumberbatch
Having said all that I still voted the movie as a 'B' because I love seeing 'Star Trek' on the big screen no matter what, I loved the cast and the acting, and I just felt - when I could ignore the problems my brain kept trying to remind me of - that it was a fun, action-focused ride.

Can you paraphrase Kirks speech at the end? Is it "Risk is our business" cool or "I once saw a gazelle learn to run" lame?
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