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Re: Ryan Reynolds Not Interested in Returning as Green Lantern Right N

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I have zero interest in a movie centered on any of the existing Green Lanterns other than Hal Jordan. OTOH, much as I liked Reynolds it's not a real challenging part to recast.

Other than Jordan, the most desirable option as far as I'm concerned would be for screenwriters to invent a new character tailored for the movie medium and the specific story they have in mind.
A new human Green Lantern was tapped recently.

Simon Baz.

Punk kid. 20-something.

Bored, decides to go for a joy ride.

Steals a van.

Starts driving.

Looks in the back... There's a massive bomb in the back and the digital clock is clearly counting down to zero quickly.

Rather than freaking, Simon finds an abandoned near by factory and clears the blast radius just in time saving thousands of people from death and permanent maiming.

So after Homeland security arrests him for terrorism... Becuase y'know how he's black and Muslim... Did I mention how he's black and Muslim? So it's like a really bad day for Simon.

This CIA creep is talking about waterboarding and wiring his junk up to a car battery when a Green Lantern Ring crashes through the ceiling and selects Simon for the Corps becuase he meets the Criteria of being fearless and honest.

Up, up and a fucking way.

To say that the US government shat a brick that a (presumed) Mulism extremist terrorist has a Green Lantern Ring is some what of an understatement.

Shit got real.
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