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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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But if your a fan who will actually buy the season sets, you're forced to buy a separate disc for features that should've honestly came with the season sets if you want them.
If you're a completist and want to own every special feature or TNG Blu Ray disc (like me) then you are right and you are forced to buy those seperate discs. I don't mind since the discs cost next to nothing compared to the season sets. The BOBW disc cost 7 pounds in the UK. If I had waited a year, I'm sure I could've gotten it for 6 or even 5 pounds. I honestly don't mind.

I'm sorry, but The Best of Both Worlds special features being shunted to an additional disc have left a far worse taste in my mouth than the season two debacle. It should really leave a bad taste in the mouth of all Trekkies.
I disagree BillJ. The HTV debacle meant that the visual effects were sloppily remastered on 22 episodes! You are talking about one commentary track and 35 minutes of additional features. You're still getting the episodes. It pales in comparison.
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