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I was very disappointed.

I thought it was choppy, and that it lacked tension and emotional impact. The homage points were way too heavy handed. When Spock screamed Khaan the thought that went through my head was, "I want slap JJ in the face". I felt like Khan needed more build up, that Cumberbatch (who was certainly up for the role, no complaints there) was underused by the writers. Certain other things annoyed me such as the communicator call from out near Quonos to Earth and that Pike just blabbed out about Section 31 to Kirk. The tribble/blood deal was completely obvious and made doing the reverse death hands on glass khan yelling scene seem pointlessly repetitive with zero emotional impact. The whole thing just didn't work for me. Also rather irritated at a great line in the trailer never showing up in the movie.

Things I did like:

Uhura wearing the same earrings as the first JJ movie.

Discussion about Spock/Uhura spat and emotions was tidy and worked well.

Lashings of K/S slashiness.


Visually attractive, very much enjoyed the London scenes.

JJ's ability to keep so many huge things a secret, kudos to him for that one. I am now a bit worried that Star Wars VII will be a collection of homages and redone scenes from the earlier films though.

I'm not going to vote in the poll because I'm hoping watching it again will improve my opinion. I really really really don't like not loving this movie.

(Oh and btw in case anyone thinks I'm a Trek luddite I adored the first film, my absolute favorite Trek film.)

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