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Re: "Iron Man 3" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Well, I really liked it, loved it actually. The entire angst made sense to me, considering what Tony went through in Avengers. It's interesting to consider how he made Iron Man an identity on its own, almost taking him over, loosing himself in this creation of his, because the real world is just to much to handle now. Creating all those different armors, they are all different aspects of him, things that he needs to be able to do to protect himself but mostly those that he loves. Since he realized that all his might, everything he created sofar wasn't not good enough. Both his armors in Avengers, as powerfull as they were, were almost not enough to save the world. I mean, the Mark 42 he could actually remote control and wrap around others, not just him, to save them.

I really liked how this movie focused on Tony, not on the armor. Other then that, the fact it was all less superhero and more a good cloak and dagger thriller was something that I enjoyed as well.
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