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just out of curiosity how long did it take for the enterprise to be repaired after it go it's fanny whooped by the vengeance?
After the dust settled we cut to Kirk addressing an audience gathered for the rechristening of The Enterprise.

Anyway, one or two musings in no particular order (SPOILERS!):



Ok, so if you're reading these spoilers, there's a good chance you know Kirk 'dies' when he sacrifices himself to fix the power grid of the ship. It was just too much. The sequence really pulled me out of the movie with it's self-referential nature and the lines lifted from TWOK. Kirk and Spock had a bit of back and forth, before it concluded with (or to the effect of):

Kirk: "I saved you because I'd miss you." (referring to Spock's close call with a Volcano).

*Kirk dies*

and then this ... I was gobsmacked...

*Spock is upset... then a wave of fury hits him...*


*cut to shot of The Vengeance careening past the now stable Enterprise towards San Francisco.*
This is, excuse me ... a damn fine cup of coffee...

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