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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Hate to admit it, but "Booby Trap" just isn't working for me as well as it used to. It's obviously got a great atmosphere to it, and the effects and score are still fantastic... but the story just seems so full of holes now.

First there's the conceit that Geordi-- the freakin Chief Engineer-- doesn't know what the interior of his warp core looks like, or have every square inch of that thing already memorized. And instead of consulting with his staff of highly trained engineers (or hell, even Data) during this supposedly urgent crisis, he wastes time talking to a hologram and looking at diagrams he could just as easily have looked at on a computer screen.

And after aaaall that, the solution turns out to be simply using the ship's thrusters to maneuver out of the asteroid field. Something which I HAVE to believe would have already been suggested or tried by someone (and even then, I have to wonder why the thrusters worked so well when the impulse engines clearly didn't; shouldn't they operate on the same basic principle?).

And then finally there's the idea that Picard's reflexes would somehow be better for flying them out of the asteroid field than the lightning-fast reflexes of either the computer or Data. Umm, yeah... sure, whatever you say.
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