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Re: All right, all you JJ-haters! Put your money where your mouth is!

Oh hell. I did this long ago on another Trek forum. Not going to rehash the whole thing here. The short form for my pitch:

TNG film. Drawing on the single idea from the ST09 prelude comics that I really liked, Data is captain of the Enterprise, a much modified but still in her prime E. Brent Spiner still has considerable fan appeal so I'd build around his starring role. Data is an artificial being and should look a little "off" compared to biological humans, which in my opinion makes him an ideal candidate for a CGI motion capture style character. CGI-ing Data removes the main problem of Spiner aging out of the role and effectively keeps Data on the table as long as Spiner is around to do the voice acting.
I'd use any of the other TNG/DS9/VOY actors who could be talked into appearing for modest salaries. Otherwise, replace with new characters and fresh actors to attract fresh blood to the franchise.

Storyline: The androids from "Mudd's Planet" are back and mounting an invasion of Federation space. Their plan, turn every planet into an easy-going luxury oriented Risa. No guns, no bombs, no orbital bombardments, just thousands of androids, all sexy-pretty-young-happy faced and ready to please. It's a Kindness Offensive and the authorities have no idea just how to stop it. Given a taste of android supplied heaven, most of the inhabitants of the "invaded" planets are enthusiastic supporters of the movement.
Cast: Seth Rogan as an uprated Mudd Mk. 2. Quick line to cover recasting for my canonista brethren--Mudd had his original biological body replaced with a new android one when he reached an advanced age and his health failed. Now he is the charming/sarcastic face of the android invasion.
In reality, you know you guessed it..., Lore is behind the whole thing, and really is using the benign invasion plan of Mudd and the Androids to get armies into place so that when he flips a switch and activates their Terminator type programming--the Federation goes up in flames.

Big Finale: Data vs. Lore on/in a ravaged ship decaying out of orbit and headed to a big cratery finish unless the Good Guys can save the day. (total blatant rip off of Revenge of the Sith opener. but hey! people seem to love Star Warsy Trek these days so I 'spect we could get away with it.)

Plan B: Whole new fresh cast playing entirely new characters in the current movie style costumes/sets. no referencing to any specific pre-existing continuity. (Believe they are in the Trek Universe of your choice)--with plot revolving around EXPLORATION--demmit! A new world with challenging new problems and new alien races to discover and interact with. Throw in a Klingon or Romulan villain (or even a way far from home Cardassian--I like that actually) exploiting locals and several Big Alien Monsters for fun toy tie-ins.

Paramount, have your people call my people. We can do lunch and chat.

(oh. quit laughing demmit. snickery bastards. sigh.)
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