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Re: The Official 'Guess the Doctor's Name' Thread

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ΘΣ (Theos) seems needlessly messianic but it was there in plain sight in The Pandorica Opens, of course.
No, it's Theta Sigma, the Doctor's nickname at the Time Lord Academy as established in the 1979 serial "The Armageddon Factor." That's what the writing in "Pandorica" was alluding to. Whether Bob Baker & Dave Martin intended an allusion to the classical abbreviation of "Theos" is unknown.
I should have added -- "needlessly messianic" is part of a quotation from HHGTTG, of course.

I have no proof, but it seems to me that the choice of ΘΣ was deliberate by Martin and Baker who came up with Omega, which also has a religious connotation. UK universities and colleges don't have fraternities or sororities so I doubt that any association with their naming was intended.
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