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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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The TMP ship has a few discrepancies, but the big one, the rec deck, is principally because the film's production designer kept insisting it go in the dish facing backward, instead of down in engineering where it would actually fit.
Actually, the rec deck was originally intended to fit into a space directly below and behind the main bridge with some very large windows on the top of the saucer to indicate its position. After the set was designed and built, the model was changed and the windows were moved to the rim of the saucer, starboard aft; the set designers covered over the big skylights where the windows were originally supposed to be and installed new ones in the back of the room. This is why the Rec Deck set has a diagonally slanted roof; that was originally supposed to be the upper part of the saucer directly below the officer's lounge.

It's possible the Director's Cut intended to mitigate this by moving the officer's lounge into that space (hence the nacelle placement in the DC) which would imply the "windows" in the rec deck are now viewscreens linked to cameras on the hull.

Visual effects are budgeted in large part based on previs, so there are low-rez versions of shots in the works from preproduction onward. So there is always SOMETHING that can get stuck into the cut as it evolves...
But in the age of CGI effects, that "something" is usually of such low quality that it would make The Last Starfighter look like Oscar material. The FX guys have a LONG way to go before the finished product, and there's plenty of room for revision and improvement, room that simply didn't exist in the age of miniatures and filming models.

It's just a guess, but I think the scale issue on the Abrams reared its head very early in the process, and it simply wasn't thought necessary to address it till further down the line. Wouldn't surprise me if Geoff Mandel tumbled to it right away (guess he would have had to, since he was gotten gone so quickly.)
That's a good guess. I would actually add that Mandel's departure was one of the reasons it didn't get rescaled until later on. The TrekBBS rumor mill suggests he was fired for making an issue of it, but it's probably the other way around; he was tasked to deal with the scale issue, but was released from the team for whatever reason and no one stepped in to fill his role.

Also, you gotta remember that even pre-Abrams, 'continuity is for wussies' was an ILM catchphrase. I heard it invoked for TUC when I asked about why they decided the shields were invisible (in TWOK & SFS this issue was skirted since the shields were always conveniently down when any ship got fired upon.)
And the fact that the shields managed to be invisible in STXI should be a reminder to everyone of this sad but true fact.
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