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I just got a call from my doctor's office. Since my blood glucose is still hovering around the 180/200 mark, they're doubling up my Metformin (I currently take two 500mg capsules a day at supper) per day, and instead of the Tradjenta, they're going to have me take Januvia, though I'm not certain at what dosage. My doctor feels that the Januvia will quickly lower my A1C (which is 9.6) over the next six months or so, and then we can see if a simpler diabetes medication can take it from there.

Other than that, I'm to continue on course with what I'm doing.
I am on Janumet 50/1000, which is Januvia 50mg/Metformin 1000mg. Please talk to your doctor about adding Amaryl (generic is Glimepiride). This is on the WalMart $4 Generic Drug List, so cost should not be an issue. Amaryl knocks down high blood sugar quickly and effectively. Start at 2mg dosage then work up to 4mg only if necessary. Because it is a fast working drug, it is possible to lower sugar too far, thus start at the lower dosage first.

For me, Amaryl has been a godsend. I keep extras in a small pill container (along with Lact-Aid) for times I dine out. I can even have a sweet dessert if I take an extra Amaryl. (Not that I recommend over doing it often!)
So you're not feeling any significant side effects with Januvia? What with all of the talk of Januvia's side effects, I've been a bit concerned.
I have had no side effects with either Januvia nor Amaryl. Put simply, it works.
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