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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

So holy monkey --- if Tommy doesn't become a villain after that --- whoa

I'm seriously, way to make legit business with semi-X best friend to gain legit access to enemy territory only to back peddle and make said semi-X best friend feel like a fool. This is some serious 90210 story telling going on >.<

Before getting past the shock value of that one, does anyone else feel like this episode and last episode almost felt like two different episodes stitched together. I mean each "episode" was good in its own right, but it just felt like I was watching two 30 minute episodes back to back rather than 1 60 minute episode. The only reason its remotely a complaint is it feels like the episode is wrapping up then *BOOM* --- more is going on. Contrasting to earlier episodes when the story was winding down for the end of the episode, you knew the episode was ending. The last two, I felt "tricked" most of the way through each of those episodes.

In other "plotness":

- Moira is really in a bind now but hopefully its coming to an end; I just hope this isn't a sign of something reckless coming up. It is noteworthy that Walter Steele runs Queen Consolidated on Olies behalf in several comic versions. It makes me think we could be seeing the tidings of a situation where Moira will end up dying; either through saving Olie or other. I kind of hope it doesn't come to that, but it will make for a dramatic ending. As the viewer, we know if she rides it out, there will be a happy ending (most likely), but for her, right now, it probably looks like the end of her road and if her proverbial life is end, she's probably thinking it may as well be a honorable death.

- Roy Harper --- man did they miss a really potentially awesome line with him. When he said (paraphrasing) "Someone close to me died before and they aren't coming back --- I can't let someone else I care about die too" they could have made that more profoundly impacting by saying "Someone close to me died before and they aren't coming back --- I can't let someone else I care about like you die too". I think they missed a really great line there. I think at this point its pretty obvious Roy is gonna be in the mix of saving Ollie, but how. I hope it's not a lame attempt to shove him in >.<

- That seems like an interesting throw away line for Felicity. I wonder where that's going. I have a hard time believing its going to play a critical role now. She's not a very well established character in DC and its really hard to see where TPTB is going with her character. I mean in theory, after they stop Merlin, she's done with crime fighting and it seems that Ollie seems to feel like he is too. The end obviously isn't going to be that easy. I think the question is --- is something next week going to cause them to stay in the biz or is something between seasons or at the beginning of next season going to cause it. Given the need for a "Speedy training montage", something is going to have to happen to keep the hero biz going at the season conclusion so there's a reason for Roy to take on the mantle of Speedy / Red Arrow / Arsenal / Whatever-else-he-ends-up-being.

- Diggle --- Man this character still drives me nuts. I just don't know where they are going with this character. Unlike Felicity though, he doesn't serve a "behind the scenes" role --- he's practically a straight up crime fighter. It would be one thing if he evolved as "Ops Manager" if say Ollie, Roy, Laurel and Thea all emerge as heroes early next season. I keep wondering if TPTB have plans to use him as another lesser known character too or simply kill him off for the finale.
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