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Re: Shopping for healthier food. Need Help.

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Okay, you asked for shopping advice.

First off, you need to shop Whole Foods like you need a hole in the head. Seriously, Whole Paycheck is for the rich and stupid. You can eat healthy at Kroger, possibly even moreso than Whole Foods because Kroger will have less process crap dressed up and marked up to look healthy.

Second, avoid the middle of the grocery store. The outer aisles and sections are where the fresh, unprocessed foods are.

Third, chicken is cheap, healthy and versatile. I buy whole chickens for like $4 & roast them buy rubbing fresh seasonal herbs, salt, pepper, paprika and crushed garlic on and under the skin, then wrapping the bird in cheesecloth soaked in olive oil before baking. From there, I make soups, stocks, sandwiches, broths etc out of it. I roast the carcass bones and boil them with fresh carrots, celery, onion and ginger to make chicken stock that I in turn use for soups and stews. Super simple and you get a ton of mileage out of it.

Shop seasonally. Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season in your area, and you will shop cheaper and healthier than buying frozen, canned or otherwise processed. The produce will taste better because it hasn't been picked unripe, sprayed with agents to fake ripe appearance and shipped up from the southern hemisphere. While the farmer's market is ideal, but not everyone has access to them. Farmer's markets are not necessarily the cheapest deal in town, either.

Do you have any ethnic markets? Those can be a great source of fresh, seasonal produce at cheap prices. I like to to go to them and pick stuff up I've never heard of, then Google recipes.

REJECT RACK. REJECT RACK. REJECT RACK. Or in the parlance of Kroger and its subsidiaries, MANAGER'S SPECIAL. Eagle eyes. Keep them peeled for those orange and yellow manager's special labels, particularly in the meat and seafood aisles. Buy fresh meats, poultry and seafood on manager's special, and PROMPTLY break it down and freeze it for later use. Also, the reject racks will often have stuff like bags of lentils, pearl barley, pastas etc.

Speaking of meat, switch from ground beef to ground turkey.

Switch from sour cream to nonfat Greek yogurt. They are almost identical in taste and texture.

Switch from cream cheese to neufatchel cheese. The latter is 1/3 less fattening, but otherwise indistinguishable. It's sold side-by-side.

Buy staples like flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, cornmeal etc in bulk, and make your own breads and biscuits* instead of opting for canned biscuits or mixes.

*this assumes you have more time than money. Bread baking is an art that requires practice and a lot of time, but worth it. Sooooo worth it in cost and quality. Biscuits are much quicker and easier.
Thanks for the advice. Yeah I don't have a whole foods close to me, its 40 minutes away and expensive (its called Henry's). Kroger is good for fresh fruit, plus they are expanding their organic section. My mom works at Costco, so I get a membership. I can easily buy a 50lb bag of flour. I do have to be careful. Our neighborhood was built fast and cheap (air conditioner to small for the house) so when its gets hot here (like currently) its impossible to bake anything. That is why I dusted and cleaned up an old crock pot we have. Missing a handle on it but it will still close. I've been really looking into slow cooker recipes. Recently found french bread dip recipe ( that I've just got to try. Sorry I don't have any ethnic markets where I am in Ga currently. I buy Kroger brand products and we get all their deals through accounts I have with them. I get an email every week. Kroger doesn't have good deals on ground Turkey, you have to pay 7$ + for a very small container of ground Turkey. So I don't know if that transition is possible. Yeah some of recipes I currently have ask for creams and I am trying to look for lower cholesterol healthier forms but I don't know how stocked Kroger is on the extra. Oh I love bread, a bit to much though, borders on the un-healthy side. Do you have any advice with slow cookers? Could I switch completely from stove top cooking to crock pot?
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