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Re: The recycled footage of BOP exploding in Generations

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Just yesterday I rewatched Nemesis, and noticed parts of Borg alcoves made up the walls in the Scimitar's sickbay. Those Trek producers are experts in recycling.
It's funny, I think those are the elements Trek bought from Universal after seaQuest 2032 tanked. Whenever I saw them in FC it took me out of the movie.

Those noting the GRISSOM explosion being reused should note that the GRISSOM explosion wasn't totally original or custom either. ILM was already mixing and matching elements from hundreds of staged pyro events done during the making of EMPIRE, and I'm pretty sure the GRISSOM blast is an example of that (Cinefex touches on this.)

Having said that, I never made the connection between this and GEN either, and that's even with having interviewed the GEN VFX supes, both Paramount's and ILM's. I rewatched SFS a couple weeks ago, so it should be fresh in mind, and still I don't recall it looking the same. Does the GEN one have a big white flare over the whole flame aspect (which is all I noticed of the GRISSOM event)?
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