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Re: Ryva Takes On Enterprise (Again)

All right, I suppose it's time for me to forget "Dear Doctor" and get on with my life. On to the next episode.

Sleeping Dogs:

Meh. Not a bad episode, but not that interesting, either. Enterprise finds a wreck of a Klingon ship inside a gas giant, which is slowly sinking further into the atmosphere. Archer sends T'Pol, Hoshi, and Malcolm over to the ship to offer assistance (though why he didn't send his chief engineer, who would be of more use, I'm not sure), and they get trapped on board after one of the Klingons steals their shuttle. They have to find a way to restore power to the engines before the atmosphere crushes the ship. Also, apparently it smells in there.

Meanwhile, Archer apprehends the Klingon woman who stole their shuttle, and she is predictably uncooperative. It seems her entire crew picked up a toxin from some ale they appropriated after a raid, and they're all sick or dying or something. After boning up on Klingon culture, Archer plays the honor card and tells the Klingon woman (Bu'Kah, I think) that if she doesn't help her crew, she'll be letting them die dishonorably. So of course, she agrees.

Back on the ship, the away team have given up on trying to get the engines on-line, and instead decide to blast the ship into a higher orbit with the photon torpedoes. (I liked how Malcolm instantly perked up when he found out about those. He sure loves to blow stuff up.) They succeed, Archer and Bu'Kah arrive and get the engines running again, and after another scene with the Klingon captain (Vaughn Armstrong in his five-thousandth role) threatening to blow up Enterprise, Archer channels his inner warrior and manages to convince him to withdraw.

And we end on an obligatory shot of three attractive people in their undies. In case you forgot that this was Enterprise.

Like I said, meh. Not bad, but nothing we haven't already seen in past series. And there wasn't much suspense. DS9's "Starship Down", on the other hand... Now that was a great episode about characters being trapped on a ship under dire circumstances. But there was some good character development for Hoshi, who is determined to get over her fear of away missions. And there were some awesome CGI scenes. That shot of Enterprise's grappler catching the shuttle pod was pretty fantastic. Also, targs in the pantry!

One small point: Malcolm should never have been allowed on an away mission with a cold. For all they knew, the common cold virus could prove to be like ebola or typhus to an alien species. C'mon, son.
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