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Re: United Earth? No Thanks.

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Does everyone on earth speak English in the star trek future?
English is already one of if not the most widely spoken language on Earth already. I assume that there are still other languages used by humans living wherever but for the sake of simplicity, representatives of Earth speak English.....
Mandarin is spoken by nearly three time as many people today as English, although not as widely. Spanish is almost as widely spoken as English and is spoken by many more people. Picard, Chekov, Uhura all spoke a native languages other than English. English seem to be the common language in Starfleet, but to how many people on the future Earth was it their first language?

And with the universal translator, would a common Earth language really be all that important?

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A single government for the Earth would have so many citizens ...
What's the maximum number of citizens that's acceptable to you?
I've always though something around two billion would be nice. A few large cities like San Fransisco, mostly small towns and villages, Picard spoke of the community he grew up just outside of as a "village."

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