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Re: TNG Caption This! 313: Extreme Tardiness!

PICARD: Will, you know I don't like to interfere in my crew's personal lives. But you really need to stop acting like a creep.

Troi was very confident Tasha wouldn't beat her long mark in the spitting contest.

Look, why don't you just TELL me who killed Laura Palmer instead of just giving me vague nonsense about owls.

Sonja Gomez: You're not going to kick me off the Enterprise, are you?
Picard: For spilling coffee? Of course not.
Sonja Gomez: Whew.
Picard: Commander La Forge, make sure Ensign Gomez is on the top of the list for away team selection.

WORF: You think I'm going to let me own teenage daughter go out looking like that?
WORF: One bracelet per arm. That's final.
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