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Re: Official New Star Trek 2012 Game for the PC, PS3 & X360

Finally booted this up today (it took a f**king age for it to install on my PS3 though). My first impressions have been relatively positive. The game has been running smoothly and I haven't encountered any game breaking bugs.... yet.

But it's clear that the game lacks polish. It's got all the right ideas. I love the way it weaves the storyline around the events and it does feel true to the Abrams-verse Trek movies. But it just feels like it isn't quite 'finished', at least as far as having a single player campaign is concerned. I suspect the entire thing was geared towards the two-player co-op, and the single player part was very much an after-thought. Then again, some posters above me say that the co-op version is just as borked, so who knows.

I tell a lie actually. One bug I did encounter was the erratic nature of the co-op partner's AI. In his quarters I found Kirk able to walk through Spock like he wasn't actually there (bad clipping), and when we got out into the corridor he suddenly solidified again and I had to bark orders at him to get out of my way. At one point he actually got me trapped in the egress where those two crewmen are working.

Speaking of which, I found it unintentionally hilarious that Kirk can tell Spock to come to him like Spock is a dog or something. I kept expecting Pine to say "C'mere Spock! Good boy! Sit! Sit! Who's a good Vulcan? YOU are! Fetch the ball! Fetch it!"

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