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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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Er, what? I don't understand your post at all, Hartzilla. Sony (via Columbia Pictures) is still producing Spider-Man movies. That hasn't changed. Sony never published Spider-Man comics. There's nothing to "give back" on either front.
They also had the animation rights, hence why Spectacular Spider-Man was cancelled when Marvel got those rights and we got the mediocre Ultimate Spider-Man as a replacement.

I want Sony to get to animation rights back because I have no faith in Marvel since what they're putting out with the character sucks with the possible exception of the Ultimate Spider-Man comic (I've haven't actually been reading it).
You can blame Jeph Loeb for this.
Can I blame Joe Quesada too?

Anyway now that I think about it another major problem I have is that the darker edgier moodier Peter Parker from The Amazing Spider-Man has gotten more character development and growth in 136 minutes almost a year ago than Doc Ock has had in 9 months (and by that I mean Ock has zero character development and growth at all as he is still the same egotistic asshat who thinks he's the greatest thing in the universe he was almost a year ago).
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