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just got back from seeing the film.

probably the best trek film ever. excellent story. lots of action. plenty of plot.

also liked how scotty had gained usefulness to go with the comedy. and enough nods to old trek without causing a stiff neck.

pretty much all the rumours and speculation i heard beforehand were completely wrong. (anyone remember the speculation that alice eve was some kind of space colonist, based on that image of her on a planet wearing a jumpsuit?) cumberbatch's characters identity pretty much came as a twist due to multiple false spoilers "he's definitely gary mitchell!" "no my source tells me he's garth of izar" "he's too white to play a hispanic indian!"

most people who will dislike it are those people who irrationally hate anything that isn't 'old' trek (you remember, the trek that everyone liked so much they stopped watching)

anyone else think the walkway across the shaft was from that dodgy total recall remake?

very very good!!

Hello to Jason Isaacs!
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