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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

This week is a crossover with that Deadliest Catch show about fishing that's popular for some reason. Okay, dangerous fishing, but I don't find that appealing either.

The myth about getting yanked overboard by a rope was kind of straightforward but kind of interesting to learn about. It seems that amputation might be a more likely result a lot of the time. But it was kind of scary how effective those coils were at grabbing firm hold of a limb, even knotting around it. The experimental design puzzled me, because it was obvious that the Simulaid "Buster" was getting caught against the frame as the rope was dragged to aft, yet they never tried moving him to the other side of the frame so it wouldn't keep getting in the way. Maybe the rope is never coiled on that side? It also seemed to me that the dummy's rigidity threw off the results -- his limbs functioned like a grappling hook whereas a human's would probably be more flexible. Maybe a Syndaver would've worked better -- I would've thought they'd be using those a lot more from now on. Maybe they decided they needed something more durable for this one.

The myth about brief naps being better than no sleep at all was kind of worthwhile, but it wasn't anything I didn't pretty much know already. The most interesting part was that the SFPD has a deputy who specializes in keeping people awake. Um... why is that again? Plus it's surprising whenever J.D. Nelson turns up in a capacity that doesn't involve blowing stuff up.

Speaking of which, the mini-myth about blowing up the crab "pot" (why is a steel cage called a "pot"?) was pretty gratuitous, but I liked seeing the Mythbusters use science! to figure out the best way to position the explosives and win the bet. Take that, interlopers from another show!

So a decent Mythbusters episode, but if the goal of the crossover was to entice MB fans to start watching Deadliest Catch, it was a total failure in my case.
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