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Donny's TOS & TWOK Enterprise Interiors

I know, I know. Another thread, featuring another build, of another Enterprise, using another game engine. I wish I could focus on just one Enterprise but I can't!!

Needed a break from the Refit Enterprise interiors, so I decided to go ahead and start a new TOS Enterprise build. I'm starting from scratch from my previous TOS build (that used the ancient Quake III engine), and am not borrowing any assets from that build.

Anyway, I've been secretly building the Bridge (secret except to those that view my blog), and today I made a final lighting compile, loaded up the game, and took some screenshots for your viewing pleasure. I should have a video up sometime soon showing off the blinkies.

Much thanks goes to the crew at for allowing me to use their research for the control panel surfaces. Although I constructed all the viewing screens from scratch, the research that they've done was immensely helpful in nailing the graphics, blink patterns, and timing.

Here are the shots of the bridge.

I'll be updating this thread with any work that is done on this project. For my Refit Enterprise project, refer to this thread.

And as always, to keep up with day-to-day progress, see the link to my blog in my signature.
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