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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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You're attracted to who you're attracted to. If Beverly doesn't physically respond to a female, that's not indicative of prejudice - that's her biology. She still loved Odan, but love isn't always enough.
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Right, it in-and-itself isn't an issue really.

It's not like The Outcast or Cogenitor which have more clear gender and/or sexual preference issues/allegories.
That's the interesting thing about that episode--the sexuality part was a non issue, it was more about a romance-of-the week.

And yet there was a subtle sexuality issue with Beverly saying, "I can't be attracted to you anymore because you are another woman".

Beverly's choice was seen as a normal choice--people are normally attracted to the opposite sex right? -Which means Beverly being disappointed that Odan was now a female was normal.

I saw it as normal too. It's only now, when you re-watch certain episodes do you began to see certain things between the lines.

The issue being that humans are so open minded, they dont judge by outward appearance and they think little of dating a very different looking alien.

Up until then, Riker was attracted to very feminine looking women, so when an androgynous person with no figure comes on to him he immediately responds.

Riker's reaction suggested that future humans concept of attractiveness is not based on outward looks because they evolved out of that.

Based on his history maybe he should have said, 'sorry, you're not my type'?
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