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Re: TNG Caption This! 313: Extreme Tardiness!

Picard: And Beverly makes four. Yes, I am quite the stud. So, how many women have you slept with?

Denise: ...and then I told them I was leaving to pursue a film career!

Marina: So why are we laughing?

Denise: Because I realized I just flushed my career down the toilet and if I don't laugh at that, I'll just break down and cry.

Picard: Mr. Holm, stop! It's too late, the show's started, they won't need their understudy!

Mr. Hohm: Aw, man, I just blue myself!

Picard: There has to be a better way of saying that.

Geordi: I'd give anything for a major distraction right now.

Q: You rang?

Ah, yes, the resurgence of 1990's fashion was a low-point for for 2359.
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