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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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I'm just glad that no one thinks the Enterprise is of the Constipation class, named for the NCC-2.

That would give a whole new meaning to fire torpedoes!

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Shawnster wrote: View Post
Am I the only person here that thinks more time, effort and thought has gone into this discussion than ever went into thinking about the class of the Starship Enterprise during the entire run of TOS?
And by a wide margin, too...

I agree. It's fun, but also a little .... disturbing.

GSchnitzer wrote: View Post
It's funny: having those actors in the club is simply a "production necessity" that we are supposed to shrug off--but a mismatch between 1681/1831 vessel registry numbers or the presence of Star Ships that have 1600 numbers in orbit or up on the Status board requires all kind of crazy logical contortions and gymnastics to explain away those production necessity inconsistencies.
Really. I think it's an unsolvable puzzle because there is literally no right answer, in other words, the creators did not create a right answer so it does not exist. I doubt there is going to be a memo that materializes that explains the whole thing, so speculation is all you could have.
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