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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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it was murder. Janeway took Tuvix's life away without his consent.
His consent is not required. Tuvix is still a member of the crew, and wanted to be treated as such. There are many instances where a military commander may order a subordinate to sacrifice his or her own life. Consent is not required.
As I understand it, those instances have to be in the performance of essential duties. Janeway can order Chief Engineer Torres to enter a radiation-flooded chamber to dump a breaching warp corp, even if the consequence of this is Torres's death; she does not have the authority to simply order Torres to die. That would still constitute homicide, and be punishable by a court-martial.


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Fix the glitch. Its only a question because the minds were combined, if it were only the bodies this wouldn't be an issue.
Personhood is defined by the presence of a mind. If two minds cease to exist and a new mind is created from the mixture, then those two persons have died and a new person has been created.
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