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There IS a difference IF any of the footage was shot with IMAX cameras (as was the case with the last two Nolan Batman films). IMAX film has much greater resolution and it's clearly visible, even on the Blu-ray--more so on the IMAX screen. However, in cases where the film wasn't shot in IMAX at all, the difference in quality can vary from almost nothing to significant. Depends on the conversion process. The sound, however, is almost certainly going to be better in an IMAX cinema.
This is exactly right. Any footage (or movie) not shot with an IMAX camera gets digitally processed and "upscaled" (they call it their DMR technology) to look acceptable on such a big screen.
DMR isn't always the answer either. Deakins looked at tests and elected to NOT have SKYFALL put through DMR ... instead it is a movie shot at 2.8K, finished at 4K and then transferred to IMAX as-is. It should NOT have worked (sort of like expecting Super8 film to look good at the cinerama dome), but then again, it's Deakins.
I saw Skyfall twice--once in IMAX and once in regular (at a good cinema). I preferred the shot composition for 2.40 but found the IMAX 1.85 surprisingly decent (clearly shot with 1.85 protection in mind). The PQ and, especially, SQ was better at the IMAX presentation (despite my mixed experiences with DMR IMAX conversions).
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