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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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If you were a Trekkie that was paying attention to all the deals that were available (by frequenting then you would have essentially gotten the BOBW disc for free. You should follow this example for the next round of discs in July.
I essentially only paid five bucks for it when Wal-Mart matched the Target deal and I gave the disc to my daughter so all wasn't lost. But, if this is designed to lure in casual buyers they shouldn't penalize the people who are there buying the regular season sets by forcing them to buy an additional disc to get "everything" (or at least until the inevitable re-release that they'll do in which they find the room in the set proper for the BOBW extras and list that as a feature).

The double-dips I've done over the years don't bother me, but this does.
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