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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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But if your a fan who will actually buy the season sets, you're forced to buy a separate disc for features that should've honestly came with the season sets if you want them.
Which would have raised the price of the S3 set by about the same price the separate disc cost during release week. In my case, Best Buy matched the Target prices, gave me $5 extra off and I was able to use $10 in rewards points that I had accumulated for free by just voting in their silly facebook polls.

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I'm sorry, but The Best of Both Worlds special features being shunted to an additional disc have left a far worse taste in my mouth than the season two debacle. It should really leave a bad taste in the mouth of all Trekkies.
If you were a Trekkie that was paying attention to all the deals that were available (by frequenting then you would have essentially gotten the BOBW disc for free. You should follow this example for the next round of discs in July.
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