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Re: All right, all you JJ-haters! Put your money where your mouth is!

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Hate to say it but, IMO, with the next reboot Trek will likely lose even more of whatever so many seem to think were the core values lost in the last reboot.
There's no reason that must be so. Simply the act of rebooting Star Trek doesn't automatically mean it's going to move further away from Roddenberry's original. That may end up being the case, but there's no reason it has to be.

I felt, despite the changes, ST09 at least had a heartbeat compared to usual Hollywood offerings and I hope to hear that heart beating again amid the shoot-em-up of ID.
Can't agree with you there. The FX were great, the acting was mostly good, but a few of the characters came off as parodies of the originals, not serious portrayals (Scotty, in particular). The story was just silly. Another Evil Villain(TM) is out for revenge. More time travel. Lots of shooting. Again, Trek was getting dumbed down long before Abrams got a hold of it, but nothings stopping him from doing better.

The one thing that was refreshing about the last film was that Abrams wasn't afraid to take risks. Destroying Vulcan. Killing Spock's mother. Once Vulcan is gone, you feel like anything can happen in the story. It makes you feel like there are real consequences. It's like with the opening scene of "The Untouchables" where a child is killed. From that point on, you don't feel like anyone in the film is safe.

The film looked fantastic, no question. And it's a fun roller-coaster ride if, like with a "Transformers" movie, you check your brain at the door. Star Trek could do a lot better than that.
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...the pre-Abrams, so-called "Prime Universe continuity" will never be revived as such, no.
Thank God for that.
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