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Re: Ms. Marvel Movie and Blade Reboot

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Wrestling with Anna Paquin as she leaches Carols personality and powerset dry?
I'd much rather see Ms. Marvel introduced in the X-Men movie universe specifically for this reason. I want super strong, flying Rogue!
Me too, but you don't need Ms./Captain Marvel to do that. Just make up some gibberish about her powers coming back with a vengeance after the "cure" didn't take, thus making her the supercharged, flying crazy person we all want to see.

Personally, I hope they go with "Captain" over "Ms." since 1) it's been the 21st century now for well over a decade, so it's about time we started acting like it and 2) it fits in nicely with the Marvel movie lore.

Specifically the whole Iron Patriot/re-branding bit in IM3. If by whatever mechanism one of their soldiers winds up with super-powers, then they're going to want to capitalise on that and drawing parallels with Cap would be half the point.

Speaking of, exactly how do we think they'll handle her origin story? I'm no comic book expert, but even I'm aware that her origin/publication history is about as strange, convoluted (and at times as oddly misogynistic) as they come. Given a clean slate I suppose they could tie her powers into the Asgardian mythos? Her power set is after all, fairly god-like. Demi-god-like at the minimum.
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