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Re: TOS: Devil's Bargain by Tony Daniel Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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The first part that got me was when Spock was describing what is going to happen when the asteroid hits. He was going to throw a melon at the wall!! Nimoy's Spock would have never done that!
Why not? He wasn't above using dramatic visual aids in TOS, like the piece of cast rodinium he shattered in his hand in "Balance of Terror." And why would you think Quinto's Spock was any more likely to give such a demonstration? I don't remember any fruit-throwing in the movie.

Plus, the TOS Kirk is a ladies man. The new Kirk is a womanizer and he only goes for a score record! Just see how he is banging Uhura's roommate in the movie and then moves quickly after her!! I have been a TOS fan for 40 years and have read tons of books. But this book is clearly written with the JJverse actors in mind!
I have no idea what you're talking about. Kirk's romance here felt very much in the vein of his TOS romances to me. Yes, he was more openly sexually involved with the lady in question, but that's just because it's not 1960s TV and such things don't have to be hidden away anymore.

I think you just didn't like the movie and are afraid that it will change how the TOS characters are portrayed in other works, and so you're projecting that fear onto what you read. You're the only person I know of who's seen anything in this book that resembled the Abramsverse. I certainly didn't when I read it.
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