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Re: “In Conversation” or “Berman and Braga vs the world.”

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Not that one should take anybody seriously who uses the word objective while talking about art/entertainment in the first place. ... but ENT got canceled when it became good and while Coto was in control. So much about blaming Berman and Braga and how cancellation reveals anything objectively about the quality of a TV show. Hell, I guess Firefly has to be a shitty show because it got canceled. I ain't gonna watch that.
Part of Firefly's issue was that it was ran out of order here in the States. Starting with "The Train Job" and ending with the pilot.

As far as Enterprise goes, Americans tend to have little patience for a show that starts slow and remains slow for two full years. Usually once they leave, they never come back, no matter how compelling a show is.

Objective or not, there was nothing about the show that compelled me to come back once I left and I'm a die-hard Trekkie. It had a very "been there, done that" feeling to it and I think that the most damning evidence that they were creatively burned-out was "Broken Bow" itself. We had just come off of fourteen straight seasons of Klingon characters and various Klingon storylines and the very first episode shown to the public features Klingons. Honestly, the technology served the very same purpose as it did in later series just with tweaked terminology. Phase pistols instead of phasers, photonic torpedoes, hull plating down to 'XX' percent!
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