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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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a good movie I'd watch again.
is what makes this:
I still think Man of steel will suck
Look foolish.
Well, regardless of the fact that I acknowledge that Nolan can make a good movie, MoS still looks bad. The problems I could see about it just from videos are still there, like wandering Clark and Krypton getting way more than the 5 minutes it deserves. Seriously, Jor-El should get maybe 10 lines before Clark is off to Earth, not counting narration, but it practically looks like its own plot just because of what we've seen in trailers/TV spots. I also think its going to be too depressing, especially since every single trailer and TV spot makes Clark look like the most depressed superhero ever. It just still looks like a bad movie. Even though I will admit it has a chance of being good, I'm not saying its a good chance. Maybe a 25% chance of not sucking, if I'm being generous. Thats better than the 0% chance I would have given it before, but I'm still not feeling positive about this movie, just slightly less negative.
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