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Wow, I was really prepared to like this, but coming out of the theater just now I can't help but think: What a waste of time! I was a fan of the first movie, but sadly this didn't do it for me. Great effects, neat profuction design, fine music that's all this film has going for it. But man, what a muddled, dumb plot! What terrible dialog! And what weak performances. Even Cumberbatch couldn't save this one. I kept rolling my eyes because of all the rehashed dialog and plot points from earlier Trek movies. And when Spock shed a tear and screamed 'Khaaaan!' I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

I'm sorry, but I'm rather disappointed by this. All the preview material let me think I would like this.
You sound like me coming out of Iron Man 3, my wife turned to me and asked how I liked it, and i just didnt know. Great effects, great music, etc, but wow what a boring mess of Downy trying to get out of the franchise.
I just have a bad feeling that this is going to be a typical Orci Lindelofff Prometheus Cowboys and Aliens Mess TM
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