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Wow, I was really prepared to like this, but coming out of the theater just now I can't help but think: What a waste of time! I was a fan of the first movie, but sadly this didn't do it for me. Great effects, neat production design, fine music – that's all this film has going for it. But man, what a muddled, dumb plot! What terrible dialog! And what weak performances. Even Cumberbatch couldn't save this one. I kept rolling my eyes because of all the rehashed dialog and plot points from earlier Trek movies. And when Spock shed a tear and screamed 'Khaaaan!' I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. For some reason it really bugged me this time – as opposed to the last movie – that they refuse to portray Kirk, Spock & Co. as professionals. I mean, come on, Uhura and Spock are arguing about relationship stuff while on a dangerous mission? Seriously?!

I'm sorry, but I'm rather disappointed by this. All the preview material let me think I would like this.
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