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Went to see the new Trek movie - but WTF did i just see? Unfortuntely, I do not mean that in a good way...

If youīre not a Trek fan you will probably like the movie - itīs more or less nonstop action that makes more or sometimes less sense. Pretty much like the first movie, just with even less Star Trek in it.

The visuals are extremely well done, as one would expect - with two exceptions. One the hillarious brewe.... aehm engine room and various other "sets", that either looks like it was filmed at Cern or in the server room of a big company.
The contrast between this and the stylish bridge and corridors is just unbelievable. The other one is that ugly big ship. Itīs 2 or 3 times bigger then the E, and they reason that because it needs only a skeleton crew. What????? Did I mention itīs ugly?

Then there are our heros - the main focus is on Kirk/Spock, which is fine. Bones on the other hand has basically nothing to do in this movie and just delivers some banter with Spock (which is nicely done). Uhura and Sulu each get their nice piece of the action, Scotty has a little more to do but is pretty much out of character - and Chekov has to be the clown again. I feel sorry for the kid!

Fortunately, they did not have the big scientific nonsense bugs they had in the first movie - but that intergalactic phonecall and Khans transbeam-whatever surely counts in my book.

I enjoyed the first half of the movie quite a lot - it has a nice story, some nice action, good character interaction, drama. But then it gets deep down into darkness and never comes back. I still canīt believe what Iīve seen in the second half. It is just wrong and lazy to me. I canīt believe they copied trek 2 almost word for word, scene for scene... I feel insulted.

In the end, Kirk gives the nice opening speech of the classic series - and THAT is what I want to see - explore strange new worlds, not muddle in all-to-well known territory. I want to feel the sense of wonder in the cinema, not rush from one action sequence to the next, no matter how well they are done. Leave that to that other "Star" franchise. Unfortunately, I seem to be in the minority.

Very disappointed...
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