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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

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So pissed that he'd go and initiate a merger without consulting anyone other than Roger, maybe?
I think it was pretty clear that Don's idea and initiation of the merger had nothing to do with emotion and was strictly for business reasons.
My point was that he didn't even bother to consult with anyone else before initiating it, likely because he was a bit pissed at having been kept out of the loop previously in the episode. Just because it made sense to do it and is a good move, that doesn't mean it wasn't done maliciously, either.

And yes, you can claim that he consulted everyone off-screen. But there was absolutely no evidence of that whatsoever.
I never make claims like that. I generally stick to what I actually see happen on screen or at least see implied on screen. I leave those "subtext" debates to others.

Although there is on screen evidence that Don was pissed that he wasn't consulted about the public offering, there is no on screen evidence that that is what was behind his idea to do the merger. In fact, everything we see in the scene with Don and Ted indicates that it is all about their anger at once again being marginalized by a large account because they are small firms and the fact that a merger made good business sense -- and not about a personal vendetta.

One can speculate (and it is valid speculation) that Don did it because he was angry at his partners but there is no on screen evidence that shows Don's merger idea was done to spite his partners. Besides, as I wrote, this storyline had been set up two episodes previously, long before Don found out about the public offering.

I still wonder how these people function as a business. Some of the partners plan to take the firm public without telling one of the senior partners, and one of the senior partners agrees to a merger without telling the other partners. No communication and it looks like complete chaos.
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