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Re: United Earth? No Thanks.

The problem with a world government is it would be governed by the people of the world.

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I think a United Earth would work simply because of warp drive. That would allow any element that couldn't play with the majority to leave and set up their own -ocracy elsewhere.

I'm sure by the time there is a United Earth, there Planet Talibania, Planet Kim Jong, Planet Unionist, and the like out there. By the 24th Century, they did show Planet Native American not wanting to be too tied to the Federation anymore...
I see this happening before humanity unites too. Fact of the matter is there are people who simply wouldn't want to be part of a global nation. Be it because they want to rule one, because they simply don't want to water down their culture and way of life, or don't trust the concept of a bloated world government when smaller nations can't even govern their nations efficiently.
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