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Re: TOS: Devil's Bargain by Tony Daniel Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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This book really pissed me off! It suppose to be a TOS series book yet all the characters are written to sound and act like the "Abramverse" Star Trek characters. The author must have done his research off the 2009 movie! I got to chapter 2 and thought I was going to vomit!!
Did the references to beer bother you that much?
The first part that got me was when Spock was describing what is going to happen when the asteroid hits. He was going to throw a melon at the wall!! Nimoy's Spock would have never done that! Then there was the part where the daughter of the main guy overhears them talking in their room and she ask to come in and Kirk says, "Your welcome here anytime."

The Spock part was purely done is the style of the new movie. Plus, the TOS Kirk is a ladies man. The new Kirk is a womanizer and he only goes for a score record! Just see how he is banging Uhura's roommate in the movie and then moves quickly after her!! I have been a TOS fan for 40 years and have read tons of books. But this book is clearly written with the JJverse actors in mind!
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