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Hello Everyone

Iīve seen the movie about 3 hrs ago "Preview-Premiere", here in Germany in Düsseldorf. I was very exited, because this was an english version of it. Itīs very important to see this one firstly original dubbed, because of the heart and soul the actors given to the characters.

And you know what,this movie was awesome!!!!

I liked Uhura in Into Darkness, she had a key-role this time and it was very well played.

Thank you Zoe!!!!

Benedict Cumberbatch --> stop being sherlock, stay KNS ;-), in every movie now
It was very fun, surprisingly emotional and full of action.
The new "going to warp" effect was an eye-candy as well as the "not to little-not to much" 3D

Everyone who isnīt a Trek-Fan and says "na this isnīt mine" should see this movie, cause, jj did an amazing job to give us a new very good enjoyalbe scifi to remember.

Besides of many Trek-ish hints that felt between Star Trek (1979) and Star Trek 10 (Seatbels) i would give this movie a 10/10

Iīm almost afraid to watch STID in german, but i have to at least a dozen

Have a good time


Besides: I liked the "ill-child-music" in the 10 min preview more, than the "London-theme" in the actual movie. Donīt you think so too?
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