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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
Sorry, you forgot to circle the court clerk who is showing us his back.

Of course you can either take this scene literal or chalk it off as a production necessity to have many actors in the club including the ones that were not supposed to be there, yet (and seriously, I hadn't noticed their presence in 30 years until the "Court-Martial" thread came up).
Well, I didn't forget the court baliff; I intentionally excluded him. (The discussion was regarding the availability of command personnel to serve on Kirk's Court Martial board, not about the availability of Starbase 11 court functionaries.)

It's funny: having those actors in the club is simply a "production necessity" that we are supposed to shrug off--but a mismatch between 1681/1831 vessel registry numbers or the presence of Star Ships that have 1600 numbers in orbit or up on the Status board requires all kind of crazy logical contortions and gymnastics to explain away those production necessity inconsistencies.
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