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Re: Ms. Marvel Movie and Blade Reboot

The bias against top-billed heroines in comics films is painfully clear. Even if Ellen Page wanted to reprise her role (40 percent chance?), studios would give some cock-and-bull about unmarketability or other nonsense. Kitty Pryde can be funny and smart, somewhat like Tony Stark, but we mustn't thwart the will of the under-15s who will accept Elektra but nobody else as a Marvel female lead.

You'll also never see an X-MEN ORIGINS: STORM. Halle Berry can frontline a film, but not as Storm. Though as portrayed in comparison to the original character, she didn't truly seen to nail the true nature of Ororo. Also, even the original character is as hypocritical as she is insufferable, at least as written by Chris ''The Outcome Never in Doubt'' Claremont. But if by some miracle there WERE a Storm film, I'd still take Claremont's take over Berry's.

As for Wonder Woman, my feeling is that her character is seen as way too partician and not approppriately kick-ass. Also, having her flying inside her invisible plane would immediately look stupid.
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