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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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I'd say that the fact, that two starship captains had to be brought to Starbase 11 for Kirk's Court-Martial, is evidence that this chart isn't referring to the repair work in orbit of Starbase 11 but is a To-Do-List for all Starships in Starfleet that are either under construction and/or still in need of upgrades.
I suppose it just might also mean that the captains of those starships being repaired were too occupied with say, their ships' repairs to be pulled into a court martial proceeding.
This. Also, there could be other conflicts preventing those particular officers from serving on Kirk's Courts Martial Board (prior association with Kirk or Finney, etc.).

I think the chart probably reflects repair/operational status of ships under the control of this particular base, and was probably not meant to be scrutinized quite as much as we have scrutinized it.
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