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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

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Did we get any kind of explanation for this? If I were Don I'd be pretty pissed at being kept in the dark about something so big.
So pissed that he'd go and initiate a merger without consulting anyone other than Roger, maybe?
I think it was pretty clear that Don's idea and initiation of the merger had nothing to do with emotion and was strictly for business reasons.
My point was that he didn't even bother to consult with anyone else before initiating it, likely because he was a bit pissed at having been kept out of the loop previously in the episode. Just because it made sense to do it and is a good move, that doesn't mean it wasn't done maliciously, either.

And yes, you can claim that he consulted everyone off-screen. But there was absolutely no evidence of that whatsoever. The only person he talked to was Roger, and even he was reluctant and against it for the most part, with the implication being that Don didn't even fill him on the details until they met then and there.
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