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Re: In A Mirror, Darkly: Best cold open ever?

I loved the opening for this show!
Funny thing is that I watched it once with my Mother, she has never seen FC or any Trek except for a couple of TOS shows when they were first broadcast. When the dramatic First Contact scene, with all of it's wondrous music and drama suddenly ended wit a gunshot and the humans storming the landed ship she broke up laughing- funniest thing she had scene in a long time.

About of the show I loved seeing a Constitution Class flying around and demonstrating what it could really do which I have always wanted to see- the Remastered episode with the Doomsday Machine did this somewhat.
By far my favorite bit was meeting a Tholian and seeing WTF they really looked like- a great interpretation from what we saw in the TOS Viewscreen and a real alien instead of a actor with a bumpy forehead.
I must confess I am more hardware and SFX driven that losing myself in a character's motivations and such. I was sorry to see Archer get it in the end, I was really trying routing for him. While he was, of course, EVIL, he also thought outside the box and recognized an opportunity when others were content to dismiss it.
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