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Re: A parade of spaceships...

Be glad you didn't see the 80s interpretation. The characters looked the same and Gary Owens once again voiced SG, but in the wake of greeblie festooned ships as depicted in Star Wars, the Phantom Cruiser was a brick shaped "mess". Only the "nose" resembled Toth's original sleek design. The aft looked more like the stern of an Imperial Star Destroyer. The Bernard Herrman "Day the Earth Stood Still" inspired scores of the 66 series were replaced with post John Williams fanfare using a far too small band. And the "violence" and implied deaths of villains in the original were still whitewashed by rulings put into effect because of cartoons like "Space Ghost", "The Herculoids" (my favorite) and "Jonny Quest". Certainly the animation was no smoother and the color palette just seemed paler...if that makes any sense.


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