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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

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Did we get any kind of explanation for this? If I were Don I'd be pretty pissed at being kept in the dark about something so big.
So pissed that he'd go and initiate a merger without consulting anyone other than Roger, maybe?
I think it was pretty clear that Don's idea and initiation of the merger had nothing to do with emotion and was strictly for business reasons.

The merger storyline actually had been set up a couple of episodes back I think -- the Heinz catsup episode. In the bar scene at the end, Ted had some of the same bitter complaints then that he had after the meeting with Chevy. And those complaints were made to Don.

So what did Ted say Peggy's position in the new firm was going to be -- chief of something, didn't quite catch it. But I can see her and Don boxing over some creative stuff. And I have a feeling Ted and Pete aren't going to see eye to eye. Ted's seems like kind of a hang loose go-getter while Pete likes to take the slow deliberate kiss-ass route. Can't wait.
I believe what Ted said Peggy was that she was either copy chief or chief of copy at a top twenty agency, and before she was even thirty and that even he was jealous.
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