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They didn't try and explain that away, though. It's medicine from the future, it IS magic. If McCoy stopped to explain how it worked, and it violated KNOWN principles about how things work, you'd have a nit worth picking.
I understand everything you're saying Scout101
yes, but then you keep handwaving it away

and I could provide numerous examples of where Trek-nobabble expalins away even theoritical science today with nonsense.
Theoretical science, not stuff we've long since established and mastered. Even when they DO something silly, it's not the thing that set up the entire premise of the series. And even then, it's magical future tech. Dive into a black hole? No problem, just invert the blinkie thing into the whoosiwhatsit, emit the beam out the deflector, and problem solved. Stupid, but can't really point out the flaw in the magical device.

Try it this way: explain the series in a sentence or two, paint the best picture you can. Use the movie narrator voice. "In a world where people fly between the stars in spaceships, they meet and interact with new worlds, etc". Doesn't Revolution kinda have to sound like "In a world where the power went out 15 years ago, a few people fight to put it back together" or something? Nanites are right there in the blurb. Whatever Geordi did with the deflector dish last week isn't.

The larger point is - as a viewer of sci-fi fantasy when are people willing to suspend their disbelief and not when it comes to plot devices to make the story work.
Usually true. Still watching this show for some reason, after all. Just would prefer it if the premise of the show wasn't blantantly stupid is all

By making the 'magic,' nanites at least IMO makes the whole electricity out thing some what plausible and within the realm of modern science.
MAGIC nanites would have been fine. Don't even describe them, just were supposed to do something and got out of control. By explaining it the way they did, it makes me shrug and disregard them versus accepting them as 'the explanation'. THIS is all I'm trying to say, and you keep missing it. Magic would have been fine, obviously stupid science is less fine. All you need to say is that they emit a continuous EMP field, and you get the exact same result, but sounds less retarded and impossible. Will it stand up to hard science? Doubt it, but it doesn't immediately fail basic math.

We know how batteries work, and we get electricity. If they're IN you, and you run on electricity, you're dead. If they absorbed electricity, what do they DO with it? And since no one is maintaining a power plant that doesn't appear to generate power (it gets absorbed), why are they still active now, 15 years after the last power source went dry? Oh, and cure cancer plus whatever Danny had...

Yes there are some discontunities within the nanite supposition [e.g. lightening] but no more than IMO the multiple discontunities within Trek itself and its faux science.

How many times in Trek did we see the magical engineering solution of the week solve a major plot problem only forgotten about 3 episodes later which could have solved a similar problem?
Often. Which is stupid, but it's usually because they went too far with a problem because of shitty writing. Basically the transporter could fix anything they wanted, but they couldn't keep it like that because then there's no drama. Reset buttons suck, but if they went too far, can't blame them for ignoring it later.

Where are the howls from the Trek fan base for some sense of conssitency within the Trek universe itself?
You're kidding, right? You've been here like a decade, have you forgotten that there are forums up at the top of this board?

In any case, the nanites don't present a problem for me - nor that they can cure people from severe illness.
One OR the other would make perfect sense by itself. Seems unlikely that the ones they designed as a weapon came loaded with the ability to cure cancer, but hey... Cancer magic really wasn't the part that's objectionable (that's really just 'dumb magic technobabble like you said). It's the energy absorbing part where it falls apart, and unfortunately, that's the whole basis of how they got to where they are.

It's already within the realm of theorticial science today that tiny robots will one day be performing micro surgery. It only takes a little larger leap of disbelief to believe they can also block electricial current.
they don't block, they absorb (somehow). Postive they can someday be programed for surgery. Unlikely that you'll want to use the weaponized ones, though. And sure as hell don't swallow the 'electrical absorbing' ones, as you'll be dead as soon as they hit your tongue. 'Cause that's how your body works.

Anyway, can't think of another way to repeat this, so kinda done with this part of the argument. Hand-wave away whatever issues you like, doesn't make it less stupid. And when it's the impetus for the entire show, makes it a TAD sillier than just technobabble to fix the fake problem of the week. I'd prefer 'magic' to an explanation that's obviously impossible. In shows set in the future, you get a little leeway, in shows trying to be somewhat realistic, set in the present (or recent past), harder to play fast and loose with the existing technology and our understanding of it. It mainly works because people don't understand how the CURRENT tech works, so it's all magic. Pour the magic go juice in the car, and it just works. When you know the details, people explaining it obviously wrongly are somewhat more annoying
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